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Used John Deere Knotter for Models 328, 338, 348


Want a good quality used knotter, but don't want a "pick and pull" unit?  We won't go out to a baler graveyard and snag any old knotter that will fit your model.  

Every used knotter frame, component, and part is inspected and graded by our tech team before we OK them for reuse. If it doesn't "make the grade" we don't sell it!  If we install used parts, we run them through an industrial tumbler to clean and deburr them.

Our Tech Team disassembles the original knotter unit and runs it through the parts washer, then they:

  • Inspect the knotter frame.
  • Inspect and grade the components and parts.
  • Good quality used parts are tumbled to remove rust.
  • Wiper arm is rebuilt.
  • New billhook is installed.
  • Knotters are reassembled with necessary new and reused parts.
  • Bench-tested with an intermittent gear for timing and to assure a quality rebuild.

This used John Deere knotter is in good condition-it's been thoroughly inspected and labeled Technician Certified-Field✔Ready®  

Save hundreds off of new prices, and extend the life of your John Deere square baler!