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IT'S HAY SEASON!!! We appreciate your business, and are doing our best to get all orders out in a timely manner. You may experience longer delivery times as a result of trying to take care of all our customers with a high level of personal service.
IT'S HAY SEASON! You may experience longer than normal delivery times.

John Deere Knotter Rebuilding Service

Want your knotter completely rebuilt for less than half the cost of a new knotter?

If your frame and a lot of your other parts are looking good, we can rebuild your knotter with just the parts it needs.  When your knotter arrives at our workshop, our experienced technicians will disassemble it, clean all the parts, and determine which ones still have lots of life left in them, and which ones will need replacing.

We will provide you with a complete itemized estimate.  It's then up to you if you want to go ahead with the rebuild.  The average cost is between $400-$600 for parts (plus $149 for labor).  Usually, we can get the knotter rebuilt and shipped back within 48 hours, and get you back in the field sooner!

Before sending your knotter in, please call 315-727-3652 for directions and shipping address.

After sending your John Deere Knotter through the parts washer we:

  • Disassemble and inspect your knotter.
  • Worn out parts are replaced with new aftermarket or OEM parts.
  • Billhooks are always replaced.
  • We replace the wiper arm with a remanufactured, updated and freshly painted assembly.
  • Knotters are reassembled with the new parts.
  • Bench-tested on an intermittent gear to assure an accurate fit.