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WINTER DISCOUNT! Save On Knotter Rebuilding Services!
WINTER DISCOUNT! Save On Knotter Rebuilding Services!


Quality parts and friendly advice for John Deere Small Square Baler Models 14T, 214T, 24T, 224T, 336, 346, 327, 337, 347, 328, 338, 348, some Wire and European Models

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We've Got Hard-to-Find New and Good Used Parts for John Deere Small Square Balers

Specializing in John Deere Small Square Balers Only. We carry new OEM and Aftermarket Parts. Looking to save some money? We have a huge supply of good used parts for all John Deere small square baler models.

Having trouble with your baler? Our technicians have repaired and rebuilt hundreds of balers, and know them inside out! Call us for a quick question, or schedule a 30-minute diagnostic call to troubleshoot or get help installing a part.

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Customer Testimonials


"This years first cut was a disaster. Our 336baler has seen a few bales in its lifetime. After loosing 1/4 of my crop because the tucker fingers and knotters didn’t work right, I wanted to Overhaul my baler. After a call to JD I was looking at close to $7k just to replace the knotters and tucker fingers. After some research I found Green Baler Parts and decided to ship my knotters for a rebuild and get the new tucker finger assembly. I just finished baling my 2nd cut and the baler runs like a new machine! So thank you Green Baler Parts for helping out a Canadian friend."

Philipp Gruner


"I have a John Deere 336 baler having tying issues and had spent countless hours at a John Deere shop trying to solve the issue. Finally I reached out to Green Baler Parts Technician Hotline and prepaid for one of their people to call and work thru the issue while speaking to the John Deere technician working on the baler. After 30 minutes of conversation the John Deere technician did the recommended changes Green Baler Parts gave to various parts on the knotters and happy to say an hour later I am baling without missing a bale. These guys know their stuff and I highly recommend them!!"



"I am glad to say that the updated slip clutch center eliminated 99% of the shaft wobble. When I started this season I had forgotten how sloppy the shaft was and begin to wonder if it would make it through the first cutting let alone the season! One evening I decided to look around on the internet and remembered Green Baler Parts and low and behold they had a video of the correction of my problem. The parts were here within a few days and the video made the repair much easier than I had anticipated. I can now enjoy baling again without the worry of the drive flying apart! "

Erne Oram

This tucker finger update is a major improvement over the OEM parts on my baler. No more slop and wobble. Best part is they are easy to adjust to proper specs.


I ordered a set of hay restrictors for my 346 and they were very helpful. I asked several questions about parts interchangeable between the 24t and 346 since I'm going from the 24t to the 346. They took time to help me and answered all my questions.