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How to Remove Knotters from John Deere Model 14T / 214T Balers

How to Remove Knotters from John Deere Model 14T / 214T Balers

The small square baler that started it all: John Deere 14T.  Our customers say it makes the best bales of all the models since then. But there's been a bunch of improvements and modifications since the 14T, not the least of which is making it easier to remove the knotters for rebuilding or repair.

We get a lot of questions about this, so we've put together a step-by-step instruction guide.  It's a good idea to take a picture of your knotters and shims so you have a baseline to work from when you're reinstalling the knotters.

We're keeping it simple, so here goes:

  Remove needle lift arm pin
Loosen bolt and remove needle lift arm 
Remove knotter frame bolts from each knotter
Remove cotter pin from shaft next to both knotters
Slide intermittent gear to the right to remove shaft key
Slide knotter and tucker shaft trip arm to the right to remove additional shaft key
Slide knotters and intermittent gears to the left
Remove bale sizer bracket
Slide intermittent gear and knotter to the left to remove shaft key
Remove set screw, slide to left to remove additional shaft key
Remove pin from the back
Remove 2 bolts from the back of the bevel gear shield 
Remove last bolt from underneath front of the shield
Remove roller chain from knotter drive sprocket
The knotter shaft should slide to the left, carefully remove intermittent gears and knotters
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