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Early Style Bare Knotter Frame for John Deere Models 14T, 214T


This Early Style Bare Knotter Frame for model 14T and 214T balers is in good condition-reconditioned and repainted, and thoroughly inspected then labeled Technician Certified-Field✔Ready®

There are 2 knotter styles for the 14T.  The original "Early" style, and the revised "Late" style.  Please check these pictures out BEFORE purchase to verify which one you've got.


Early Style John Deere Bare Knotter Frame 

Note the cotter pin. Our part #7136

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Late Style John Deere Bare Knotter Frame

No cotter pin needed on this model.  Our part #7137

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 JD Baler Parts technicians thoroughly clean, inspect and repair used John Deere Baler Parts and if they past the test, they're labeled Technician Certified Field Ready

TECH TIP: If you replace your broken knotter frame, then reinstall excessively worn parts, it could fail again. Send in your knotter for a complete diagnostic, and we'll replace and repair the necessary components to help prevent it from happening again.

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