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About Green Baler Parts

For almost 20 years, we've repaired, rebuilt and remanufactured nothing but John Deere Square Balers.  While many big farmers have changed over to large capacity round balers, there are still a lot of farms out there that think a square baler is the perfect size for their situation.  

John Deere built these square balers to last, and we know there are lots of them still in use after 30, 40, 50 years or more.  But they do have a lot of moving parts, and sometimes even the best built product wears out.  That's where we come in.

When we decided to resell used John Deere square baler parts, we committed to making sure we only used parts that had a good amount of usable life in them. Just because something is inexpensive, it doesn't mean it should be cheap! These aren't your typical "pick and pull" used parts.  

  • Good quality used parts in-stock with lots of usable life in them.

  • Friendly, customer-centered service.

  • A Tech Team that has repaired, rebuilt (and operated) hundreds of John Deere Square Balers.     

You've got options if you want to talk to a dealer who knows John Deere Square Balers inside and out.  We won't sell you anything you don't need.  And our tech team is there to answer questions on your purchased items, or to troubleshoot problems or help you install parts (Paid Tech Consultations are available).

  • Innovative, updated designs for common trouble spots. 

  • Updated Tucker Finger Assembly Kit eliminates sloppy bales due to loose tucker finger components.

  • Updated Slip Clutch Center eliminates wobble in your PTO assembly, reduces spline wear and extends the life of your drive shaft.

Because our core business was repairing and rebuilding used John Deere Square Balers, we knew a lot about troubleshooting wear points, and we learned how to remedy them.  Our tech team has rebuilt and repaired hundreds of balers over the years.  Check out our Youtube channel for "Hay, That Works! Tech Tips from Green Baler Parts" videos, where we show you how to adjust, install and repair your John Deere Baler.

You can buy with confidence- no other parts supplier has the experience JD Baler Parts does when it comes to making a baler run like new again.  Every used part we sell has been thoroughly inspected, tested, and labeled Technician Certified-Field✔Ready®

When we label a part "Tech Certified-Field Ready" it's only after a lengthy evaluation between our technician team.  They double-check every part to make sure it will stand up to the hard use a hay baler goes through.  We then disassemble it, replace worn parts with OEM or aftermarket parts, or refurbish the existing parts with some welding and tumble cleaning.  Most times, we'll put a fresh coat of John Deere Green paint on it, so you can be proud to install it into your machine.

We create a lot of value for our customers, and they appreciate it.

We also like the fact we're helping the environment by recycling metal parts that would end up in a landfill in many cases. We're looking forward to creating a long business relationship with you and your farm. We'll do our best to earn your business.

Attention: If you're a NYS Farm or Commercial Horse Boarding Operation, you must fill out tax exemption form ST-125 and send it to us- either scan and email to, or fax to 585-625-3363, and we'll create a customer account for your current purchase, as well as future purchases.

* parts may need adjustment after installation for optimal performance.