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(UPDATED) 5 Steps To Prepare Your Baler For Winter Storage

(UPDATED) 5 Steps To Prepare Your Baler For Winter Storage


john deere baler parts new used 14T-24T, 336, 337, 327, 328. 338, 348, 224, repair, rebuildSpending some time properly preparing and storing your baler will mean smoother operating when you go to the hay field next summer.

  1. Remove hay from bale chamber.  Loosen bale case tension springs, cut away any twine.
  2. Reach into the top of the bale chamber to push any remaining hay to the rear of the case for removal.
  3. Clean all hay chaff off baler.  A compressed air hose works well for this.
  4. Grease all zerts.  Refer to operators manual for locations.
  5. Spray chain with special chain lube.  Spray WD-40 on wiper arm rollers, Tucker Fingers where they swivel and ball joints 
  6. Store in dry barn or building if available. Cover with tarp if not.

Make a list of replacement parts needed to order and replace during the off-season. 

If knotters need rebuilding, you can avoid delays by sending them in to be rebuilt during the off-season.  Click here for details on knotter rebuilding.

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